Manager's blog - June 2018

Manager’s Blog – June 2018


 “We are open to everyone”, all in aid of keeping usable furniture out of landfill. However, if you are on a means tested benefit, including tax credits, you will qualify for our green price which carries a 40% discount. Even without the discount you will pick yourself up a bargain.

We have had a number of clients this month that have moved into a property, some their first property, and furnished it from top to bottom with KFR goodies.

Chose the items on Tuesday afternoon, administered those items 15 minutes later and had them delivered the next day, turning a house into a home. This in my eyes is good old fashioned customer care, the sort that is hard to come by these days. All delivered safely for the meagre sum of one, £10 delivery charge, anywhere in Wiltshire.


I would like to thank everyone who has donated their items of furniture and white goods to KFR. We are experiencing high volumes of donations at the moment and we are sorry if we have had to decline any of your kind offers. We have a limited space and have to assess, at the time of call, as to whether we have enough room or have similar items in stock. We don’t wish to offend and hate to see good furniture go to waste so please keep on trying in the hope that we are able to find your piece a suitable home.

With the donations of white goods, both working and not, received this month we have managed to repair, test and clean over a 100 items. Cookers, washing machines, tumble dryers and refrigeration all made available to our customers at discounted rates.

Please keep the donations of white goods coming our way, we have the technology we can rebuild them.


To all the people who volunteer at KFR, you are the people that make the charity a fun and vibrant place to work. Every single person has a duty to perform and their contribution, no matter how big or small, goes towards making each individual cog turn smoothly for the greater good of the charity.  

From a management point of view, volunteers are easy to manage as they are with you because they have chosen to be, not because they have too. Thanks to all our volunteers and paid staff for the passion and effort you put in on a daily basis.

If you would like to volunteer in a place that gives you real satisfaction whilst learning both hard and soft skills, please get in contact. Never underestimate the power of volunteering.


We are pleased to announce that after a year of trying we have received funding for our IT upgrade. The Garfield Weston Foundation and the Lions of Devizes have both contributed allowing us to finally move into the 21st century with new hardware and software. This will allow us to run a more efficient service enhancing both the customer and volunteer experience.

There are so many other exciting things happening at KFR at the moment, too much to include in this blog so please keep watching and supporting us.

By liking, sharing all that we do online you will give us the coverage we desperately need to reach out to the local community and help us extend our services to the people who need our help most.

Tell a friend, tell your family, stop someone in the street, stop and tell them:

“KFR – Buy, Donate or volunteer”

Until the next time


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