Manager's Blog - March 2018

Manager’s blog – March 2018

A busy month was had by all at KFR this month.

The start of the month saw some ridiculously cold temperatures; a local housing association came to us after burst pipes flooded a couple of their properties. They would need our help to refurnish their tenant’s new residence. After a quick tour of our premises their housing officer was able to select the items of furniture and white goods that would turn an empty shell into a home once more. All delivered as scheduled, on time, by our crack team of drivers and volunteers.

I personally drove to Salisbury on Thursday to drop off a mattress to one of our Facebook followers. Our customer had picked the keys up to her new home on Wednesday. Sadly, this was too late for our Salisbury delivery. When I arrived she had spent the night on a blow up mattress and would have stayed like this all over the Easter period. It’s safe to say she was very pleased to see the mattress arrive! We will be returning on Tuesday to fully furnish the home with a range of quality white goods and furniture.

Why do we care?

All my colleagues at KFR care for our local community. From the trustees that guide me, to our office admin team, drivers and even down to our volunteer who cleans the white goods (You would have to care to clean someone else’s cooker) we all care about our customers’ and those that require our help.

The reason we care so much is because if we didn’t work at KFR, we would probably be the people to shop at KFR.

We are the people who get to the start of the month and see our bank accounts annihilated by the monthly direct debits. We are the people that live hand to mouth on a monthly basis hoping there won’t be any undue expenses incurred. We are the people for whom a broken washing machine or an upgrade to the sofa does not leave us homeless, or without food but it does mean less disposable cash.

Sometimes it feels like you’re getting somewhere and then it happens, the boiler breaks or it turns out you were not meant to receive as many Tax credits as you thought you were. MOT time of year fills me with dread!

We, like you, want a nice house, an acceptable standard of living but can’t seem to ever build up enough reserve to buy new. This is where we can help. Preloved furniture can once again become re-loved, we can fix machinery deemed too costly to repair and offer it you at amazing prices. Delivery will be swift, efficient and the customer service impeccable.

From the people who are just getting by, to the people who are simply starting again, KFR are here to help. Every customer is our most important customer and we care about you, we care about your own environment and the environment around us all.

We are only able to offer this great service with the help of our loyal donors. Every week we collect a wide selection of furniture and white goods from within your homes. Your generosity astounds me and all of us at KFR thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We could not do this without you. Donators, keep on donating, for without you we have nothing. Buyers keep on buying, for without you we have nowhere for the donations to be useful again. Volunteers, well volunteers keep on being you because we think you are amazing, for you are the people that bind us all together and make KFR the vibrant and fun place it is.

Have a great Easter Break


Dan x


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